Review: Plaza Premium Lounge, Heathrow T2

As someone who usually arrives at the gate minutes before it closes, having so much spare time before my flight felt rather unusual. Especially considering that I’d already spent a couple of hours exploring not one, not two, but a grand total of four other lounges in Terminal 2. Those were Star Alliance lounges, whereas … Read more

Review: United Club Lounge, Heathrow T2B

Arriving at Heathrow Terminal 2 for my United Polaris flight, my immediate instinct was to make a beeline for the United lounge.  However, on my way there, and with more time than expected, I found myself distracted by the other two lounges in Terminal 2B: Air Canada and Singapore Airlines, both of which I’ve reviewed … Read more

Review: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, Heathrow T2B

As a reluctant Oneworld patron, my opportunities to fly from Heathrow Terminal 2 are few and far between. Thus, when the chance finally arose, I was determined to make the most of it by experiencing the terminal’s finest lounges. I had five to choose from: four Star Alliance lounges, accessible through my United business class … Read more

Review: No1 Lounge, Gatwick South Terminal

The entrance to the No1 Lounge and the Clubrooms lounge at Gatwick South Terminal

I’ve never been a particularly big fan of Gatwick Airport. There’s just something about its appearance and atmosphere that doesn’t quite click with me. It’s not quite your typical budget/vacation airport, but it also doesn’t have the stature of a major international hub like Heathrow  — even if it feels like that’s what it’s going … Read more

Review: Club Aspire, Heathrow Terminal 5

A reception desk with "Club Aspire" signage on the wall behind

I find myself in a lounge I never thought I’d visit again. Last September I was relaxing in the BA Galleries South Club Lounge during a long layover. I’d just received my Priority Pass card and thought I’d see what my new membership had to offer. So, I dipped out of the Galleries Lounge and … Read more

Review: The new Business Lounge, Kraków Airport

I don’t always review the lounges I visit. Sometimes they’ve been covered extensively by other reviewers, and other times they’re uninteresting, or just so poor that I’d feel uninspired to write about them. My reason for not immediately writing a review about this lounge was less considered: basically I was sleep deprived, and just wanted … Read more

Review: Aspire Lounge, London Luton Airport

The entrance to Aspire Lounge at Luton Airport

Late last year, I had the opportunity to review the Aspire Lounge at Edinburgh Airport (Gate 16), and I was very complimentary about it. It was the first Aspire lounge I’d visited that embraced the brand’s modern look and feel. Now I find myself at the Luton Aspire Lounge, which at first glance appears strikingly … Read more